Camp Geddie COVID Operation Plans 2021

While there are yet no current Public Health guidelines for the operation of overnight camps, Camp Geddie is planning ahead for a summer program. A complete COVID operation plan cannot be put in place without final confirmation from Public Health on guidelines for overnight camps. Therefore the plan below is a draft of possible plans and measures should the Province allow overnight summer camps to operate. These plans are subject to change as Public Health informs us of our provincial actions. Please read through carefully.


  • Reducing registration capacity to 50% to increase cabin space. Should restrictions and guidelines for summer camps allow for more campers, we will increase our registration capacity.
  • Registration will be time stamped in case registration needs to be further limited. Cancellations will be based on time registered (i.e. first come, first served).
  • There will be time stamped waitlists to offer any additional spaces should we be able to increase capacity or if there are cancellations
  • Campers may only register for one camp to give opportunity to more campers. Should there be available camp spaces after July 2, 2021 all registered campers will be notified by email that they may register for additional camps at that time.
  • Only campers from Nova Scotia will be accepted for now. Should the Atlantic Bubble re-open and allow for free travel across the border we will open our registration to those living in the Atlantic Provinces.


  • A COVID pre-screening form will be sent to families 3 days before camp and must be completed and returned before the arrival of your camper(s).
  • A negative COVID test within 72 hours before camp is not necessary but strongly encouraged.
  • If your child is eligible for a COVID vaccine, it is strongly encourage but not required.

Arrival to Camp:

  • Registration on the day of camp will be staggered. Campers will be assigned a registration time and must arrive during their allotted registration time.
  • A staff member will greet all vehicles upon arrival and will screen everyone in the vehicle. Should any one in the car not pass the COVID screening, the vehicle will be asked to leave the site immediately. Please limit those who arrive to drop of your camper. When possible it should be one adult and the camper only.
  • Masks are required for drop off

Camp Life:

  • Cabins will be units; there will be no mixing of cabins in activities. Siblings when possible will be placed in a cabin together as per the day camp guidelines set by the Province.
  • Programs that usually have various units together will be modified
  • Masks will be required in indoor spaces unless eating, the mask may be removed when actively eating and drinking
  • We will program as much as possible outdoors
  • Physical distancing between cabins will be required
  • Staff will be on site to clean and sanitize frequently
  • There will be reduced sharing of equipment. If campers are able to do so, we request they bring their own lifejacket.
  • All duties will be done by staff; campers will not take part in duties
  • Campers will be asked each morning about COVID symptoms
  • Should anyone develop COVID symptoms during their time at camp they will be immediately isolated in the medical cabin and arrangements will be made for them to go home as soon as possible. The parents of cabins mates of any one who develops symptoms will be phoned and informed.


  • Each cabin will have its own table in the meal hall
  • Tables will be physically distanced
  • Masks will be worn unless campers are actively eating and drinking
  • Staff will serve the food and campers will be asked to remain at the table at all times
  • When possible meals will be eaten outside
  • As always, allergies are accommodated


  • Masks must be worn at sign out
  • Pick up times, like registration will be assigned. Campers must be picked up in their allotted pick up time.
  • A staff member will greet vehicles as they arrive and screen each person in the vehicle. Please limit the number of individuals who come to pick up your camper. When possible please limit it to one adult.
  • When picking up your camper, you will not be able to wonder the facilities and grounds. A washroom will be available.


  • Increased cleaning and sanitization of all facilities and high touch surface areas will take place throughout the day
  • Cleaning kits will be available in cabins for leaders to use each day
  • Program areas will have cleaning kits and all equipment will be sanitized between cabin use
  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the camp where there is not a sink near by for handwashing

A final reminder: these guidelines are subject to change at any time and the Province has included camps in phase 3 of the re-opening plan however the details of when and how is yet to be announced. We remain hopeful that Camp Geddie will be able to offer your camper(s) an incredible in person overnight camp experience. Please continue to do your part to keep everyone safe!

One More Thing…

We believe the fun, faith-forming experience Camp Geddie offers – being outside, unplugged, in a loving, Christ-centered community – is something every child deserves.

We also understand families need to make their own best decisions. Choosing to send your child to any camp can be a challenging decision to make, especially during uncertain times like these.

We are looking forward to a successful, exciting, and fun-filled summer. We can’t wait to see you and your child at Camp Geddie!