Summer 2021

As we begin preparations for the 2021 camping season we have answered a few potential questions folks may have moving forward.

What are we registering for?  

The registration portal opening tomorrow will be for a place holder spot in any of our tentative 2021 summer programming. As of February 20th, there is no deposit required to reserve a spot in our potential programs. As decisions are made regarding our summer programs, individuals who register through this portal will be contacted directly. The program dates below reflect a best-case scenario, in which we’re able to operate on site in some capacity. All dates and programs are subject to change based on public health guidelines, participant interest or staff availability 

Novice 1  7-9  July 23-25  135 
Novice 2  7-9  Aug 18-20  135 
Mini Junior  9-10  July 18-21  195 
Junior 1  9-11  July 3-8  295 
Junior 2  9-11  Aug 3-8  295 
Preteen  11-12  July 27-Aug 1  295 
Intermediate 1  12-14  July 10-16  335 
Intermediate 2  12-14  Aug 10-16  335 
TREC 1  14-18  July 10-16  335 
TREC 2  12-14  Aug 10-16  335 
LIT  15+  July 23-Aug 16  500 


What programs will be offered this summer?  

Camp Geddie operations will depend entirely on the recommendations put forward by Public Health. Currently, we are unsure what our summer programs will look like, but we are brainstorming both in person and virtual options. As more concrete plans are made, they will be articulated first to those who pre-register through our portal, and to our greater camp community via our website and social media.  

What COVID-19 policies will be in place? 

Again, all decisions surrounding our summer 2021 programming revolves entirely around guidance from public health. Should the decision be made to operate in person in any capacity, any relevant COVID-19 policies will be shared with our camping community via our website and relevant social medias.  

Who do I contact with questions?  

Any questions can be directed to our social media inboxes, emailed to or addressed by leaving a voicemail message at (902)9262632.