Summer 2024

The ground has a bit of snow and the leaves are off the trees, and I’m dreaming of Camp Geddie. Our 2024 Staff applications are now available and the 2024 dates have been tentatively posted.

If you’re interested in working for us this summer be sure to check out the updated job descriptions and submit your application online today

2023 Season

Don’t wait! You can register now for the 2023 camp season or apply to be an LIT or staff person.

Our 2023 dates are:

July 2-7: Preteen

July 9-15: Intermediate 1

July 17-20: Mini Junior

July 22-27: Junior 1

July 29-31: Novice 1

August 2-8 Intermediate 2

August 10-12: Novice 2

August 14-19: Junior 2

LIT: July 17-August 8th