Parent and Camper FAQ

For Parents and Campers – What you need to know before you come to Camp Geddie:

What about opening and closing day?

Please arrive at camp between 3-4 pm on Opening Day to register. Registration will not open before 3pm. When you come to the Irwin Lodge to check in, please have with you:  your completed and signed health form, as well as any medications (still in their original container) you may have to give to the Camp Medical Counselor. During registration you will meet the staff, learn about your counselors, and have the opportunity to purchase other camp clothing.

On Closing day your family and friends are invited to join us for closing vespers in the chapel at 11am; BBQ to follow. All campers must be checked out between 10:45 am and 12 noon. Please contact our Director to discuss alternate arrangements 926.2632.

How do I get to Camp Geddie?

Camp Geddie is located on Highway 245 between Sutherland’s River and Antigonish. From the 104, take the new exit 27 and follow the signs to Merigomish. Geddie Road (the camp entrance) is on your left apprximately 18kms from the Trans Canada Highway. From Antigonish, follow Hwy 245 and watch for the Geddie Road on your right, just past Lismore.

What should I bring?

You will need clothing for hot, cold, rainy, and sunny weather. Sun Screen and bug spray are important. Bring your bathing suit and towel, and your toiletries. It is important to have great sneakers for running (not Crocs) and beach wear (crocs are ok here!). A water bottle to help keep you hydrated throughout the day as you move around camp. You will need a sleeping bag, pillow and an extra blanket if you think you will need it. And be sure to bring a flashlight. We do not have electricity in our cabins!

Do not bring electronics to camp (tablets, cell phones ect.). And do not bring food. It encourages critters to visit the cabins! We will be sure to feed you!

How will I know if I am registered?

You will receive a package with an acceptance letter, health form and Mission information indicating you are registered. These will arrive by email immediately if you have registered online, check your junk box if you do not receive the email in your inbox. If you have registered by post, we will email your confirmation once the registration is processed. Confirmation packages can be sent by post, if requested.

Can I choose a Cabin Mate?

Yes, for sure you can choose ONE cabin mate and as long as they have chosen you we will be sure to have you in the same cabin and unit. We cannot have several campers choosing one person and all being together in the one cabin. It makes it unfair for the others in the cabin and takes away the great opportunity to make new friends. All cabin assignments will be made the week prior to the camp session and will not be changed on opening day.

Please review the cabin options found under the Summer 2022 tab.

What can I expect to do at camp?

Every day is filled with lots of great things. We swim and canoe, make crafts and have outdoor education time. We start each day with our Bible Study time and find time in the day to learn of other places in the world in Missions. We play tons of games, both in small groups and with the whole camp in the evening. Every day we have vespers in the evening and a campfire on the beach. On special days, we will have cookouts, theme days and more.

Do campers get tuck?

Geddie has a wonderful tradition of rest time after lunch. Rest time ends with tuck, a chance to choose a treat from our Tuck Shop. This is included in your camper fee.

Can people come and visit me?

No, we do not have visitors at camp, for the safety of all. If there are special needs or circumstances, this must be prearranged with the Director.

Can people send me mail?

Yes, by all means, but have them keep it to great letters and cards. Even though your grandparents love you and want to send you candy, we cannot let you have it because we do not want critters.  Letters can be mailed to

“Camper Name”

Camp Geddie

RR1 Merigomish

B0K 1G0

We also have a special mailbox at registration on opening day where letters can be left for delivery later in the week. Please do not send camper mail to our business post office box in New Glasgow as it may not arrive at camp in time for delivery to your camper! You can also sign up to send emails to your camper. Look for the link on the home page! This is a one way email system and the pass code will be made available on opening day. If you registered online you will also receive the information in your inbox.

Can I mail letters home?

For sure, you can! We mail letters every day but you will need to bring stamps with you!

Can I call home?

No, unfortunately, we do not allow campers to call home. If there is an emergency or special need, then we do call but otherwise, the phone is off limits. And please, do not send cell phones! We ask all staff and campers to honor our policy of an no cell phones.

What happens if I am Homesick?

It is natural for you to be a little bit homesick. Even staff gets homesick sometimes! We work together to make everyone happy. If needed, your counselor will talk to the Director and we will do what is best for you. Do not worry. Most people do not get homesick. Most people want to stay at camp longer!

Can my parents bring my pet when they come to pick me up?

No, sorry. Camp has had to make a “No Pet Policy” since some of our campers are allergic to pets and some are afraid of them. It would be best to wait until you get home to greet your pet.

What happens if I am sick and cannot come to camp?

We will try and fit you in another camp, if we can. We want you to come to camp. If you are not coming, please let us know as soon as you can. We may have waiting lists of campers who want to come.

How do I get my deposit refunded if I do not show up?

Your deposit is non refundable. If you payed more than your deposit, our registrar will send your refund to you.

What are the meals like? What if I have food allergies?

Camp Geddie food is great! It is camper friendly, nutritionally balanced and abundantly and lovingly prepared on site by our great kitchen staff. We eat our meals family style, with your counselors serving you. If you have food allergies, hopefully you put this on your application form so our cooks can be prepared. If not, please phone the camp and tell them. Sometimes it is helpful for your parents to meet with the kitchen staff, but please note the kitchen staff have lots of experience cooking for campers with allergies and work diligent to ensure there is no cross contamination.

We cannot cater to ‘picky eaters’ but we find that fresh air and lots of activity and the special care of the kitchen staff makes us eat everything!

What do I do if I am on medications?

Geddie has a medical counselor on staff. Bring your medications in a plastic zip locked bag with your name on it. Have your parents fill in your health form. When you go through the registration line, you will meet the medical counselor and together you will make a plan for taking your medications. Our infirmary is on cabin hill so you will be able to find it easily!

Any further questions please contact us!