General Information

During each of our camps, campers will get to enjoy a number of different activities that will help them discover new skills, teach them about God, and allow them to engage with creation.

Each full camp day consists of 5 program sessions: Nature, Missions, Arts, Canoe, and Waterfront.  Beyond those 5 programs, campers also participate in morning flagpole, cabin clean up, Bible Study, Rest Period, Evening Games, Vespers, and Campfire.  Campers also enjoy 3 meals in our dining hall, an evening snack, an afternoon tuck period. Select camps also have a Sabbath morning where they slow down and enjoy a relaxing more of reflective activities.

What is Vespers? Vespers is a nightly chapel service held in outdoor chapel (during inclement weather, vespers is held in the craft hall) that is led by our campers. Each Vespers includes 3 songs chosen by campers, a Call to Worship, a short Bible Story, a reflection activity based on the Bible story, and a couple prayers. It’s a quieter period to help campers and staff connect deeper with God.

What is Bible Study? Bible Study is an intentional time where campers get to sit with the Bible and learn more about God and faith. The 2024 theme is “Linked by Love” and focuses on helping campers to understand what it means to be a beloved child of God.

What is Tuck? Tuck is an afternoon snack that comes in the form of something sweet or salty. Each camper gets to select a tuck item, such as a chocolate bar, skittles, chips, or freezie and enjoy them before their afternoon program. Tuck is covered with the registration cost so please don’t send money with your camper for tuck

What is  Rest Period? Every afternoon, following lunch, campers will head back to their cabin for a siesta. Some campers will nap, others may read, while other campers may do another quiet activity. Campers can stay in their cabins or do quiet activities on their cabin deck or on cabin hill, but the key word is quiet!

What is Flag Pole? Each morning and evening, campers gather around the flagpole for a time of quiet reflection. We raise the flag and sing a song, following that, our chaplain will read a Bible verse, do a prayer, and in the morning provide campers with a question to reflect on before breakfast.