Wish List

2017 Wish List 

Each year, the generosity of churches and business in the area astounds us! From scotch tape to LCD projectors, we have been gifted with so much. Not only does this help our budget and our programming, it encourages the staff so much! Thank you to all!

A             Archery kit

B             Brooms, BBQ lighters, batteries (AAA)

C             Canoe, canoe paddles, craft supplies

D             Duct tape, dish detergent, dish clothes

E              Embroidery floss

F              Fire wood, flash lights, first aid kit supplies, fridge

G             Gravel for road, Gift certificates (for gas, office supplies, sports equipment, etc.)

H             Halloween costumes

I               Insect repellant

J              J-clothes

K             Kayak, kleenex

L              Liquid laundry detergent

M            Mops

N             Nets (soccer)

O             Office supplies

P             PFDs (lifejackets) , paddles (canoe)

Q             Quality shower curtains (thick plastic)

R             Rope, rescue tube for beach

S              Sports equipment, Styrofoam (blocks & sheets)

T              Tempera paint, tape (duct, masking)

U             Uniden walkie-talkies for safety purposes, utility cart

V             Vim cleaner, video camera

W           Wireless speakers, wasp spray

X             XX-Large Garbage bags

Y             Yoga mats, youth bedtime story books

Z              Zillions in Canadian Tire Money